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    Quality beers with a quirky twist. With a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm and the right ingredients, Bird Brewery brews great beer. Discover it now!

The Brewery

There is no such thing as an ordinary bird

Bird Brewery was founded by Ralph van Bemmel and Rik van den Berg. Both with a background in the beer world (including founder BierLab, former board member PINT and certified beer sommelier) and a clear vision of beer.

Quality beers that are accessible to many and special to the connoisseur.

The brewery has won over 20 awards in recent years with the beers, including the best Saison and IPA in the Netherlands. Characteristic is the balance in the beers, making the ingredients stand out nicely and the beers remain accessible to a wide audience of beer lovers.



Session IPA

Fuut Fieuw (4,6%) is a blond, fruity Session IPA with white foam head. The nose includes citrus, yellow tropical fruit and light caramel notes. With his low alcohol content and beautiful bitter the beer will easily seduce you.



Our Saison (5,6%) is a blonde, fresh stunner with three fruity hop varieties. The funky yeast gives the beer a dry, spicy taste. Ideal thirst quencher for every day!


American Amber

Rumoerige Roodborst (5,8%) is a fresh, fruity, slightly hoppy American Amber. Ruby red in color and a firm, full head. Expect a fragrance full of grapefruit, tropical fruit and light caramel notes.



This slightly bitter, fruity IPA (6,2%) is brewed with a lot of rye malt. The blond beer has a full body, beautiful bitterness and a fragrance full of tropical fruit. De Vink Heerlijk is beautiful in combination with a Thai curry, spring rolls and old cheese.


American Brown

Our Nognietnaar Huismus (6,4%) is a fruity, lightly roasted American Brown Ale full of caramel, nut and coffee tones. The chestnut-colored beer has a full body, but remains fresh through its hop bitters and fruity notes.


Scotch Ale

Our Datsmaaktnaar Meerkoet (6,8%) is a full, dark Scotch Ale with seven different malts. The beer is simultaneously complex and drinkable. Delicious with an onion soup, stew or game. Discover special flavors like toffee, chocolate, dark fruit and more!

The Brewers

Ralph van Bemmel

Ralph van Bemmel


By his father at a young age immersed in the world of birds. At Bird Brewery, Ralph can combine this passion with his other passion: beer. With a background in the beer world, a training course at StiBON (Beer education) and a lot of energy, this Goldcrest is exactly where he wants.

Rik van den Berg

Rik van den Berg

Bearded Reedling

Rik is one of the youngest Biersommeliers in the Netherlands, active for years as an enthusiastic home brewer and chairman of beer society ’t Nieuweland. His love for specialty beer is beyond dispute. At Bird Brewery he wants to share his knowledge about beer with the world!



Want to know more about our brewing process ?

Rik is happy to help you!

Questions about our brewing process? Of course! Rik is happy to answer your questions.

Rik van den Berg


Any other question?

Ralph is there for you!

Sell our beer? Great! Contact Ralph. Het will make sure it will be flying your way quickly. Or prefer to write a piece about us? Super! View our press page or send an email!

Ralph van Bemmel