These beers are our regular assortment. We keep them in stock in both bottles and kegs. Do you want to sell our beer? Please contact and mail to! We ensure that they fly to you as quickly as possible!


Session IPA

Fuut Fieuw

Fuut Fieuw (4,6%) is a blond, fruity Session IPA with white foam head. The nose includes citrus, yellow tropical fruit and light caramel notes. With his low alcohol content and beautiful bitter the beer will easily seduce you.



Datisandere Koekoek

Our Datisandere Koekoek (5,6%) is a blonde, fresh stunner with three fruity hop varieties. The funky yeast gives the beer a dry, spicy taste. Ideal thirst quencher for every day!

Rumoerige Roodborst

American Amber

Rumoerige Roodborst (5,8%) is a fresh, fruity, slightly hoppy American Amber. Ruby red in color and a firm, full head. Expect a fragrance full of grapefruit, tropical fruit and light caramel notes.



Vink Heerlijk

This slightly bitter, fruity IPA (6,2%) is brewed with a lot of rye malt. The blond beer has a full body, beautiful bitterness and a fragrance full of tropical fruit. De Vink Heerlijk is beautiful in combination with a Thai curry, spring rolls and old cheese.

Nognietnaar Huismus

American Brown

Nognietnaar Huismus

Our Nognietnaar Huismus (6,4%) is a fruity, lightly roasted American Brown Ale full of caramel, nut and coffee tones. The chestnut-colored beer has a full body, but remains fresh through its hop bitters and fruity notes.

Non Alk

Scotch Ale

Non Alk

Our Non Alk (0,3%) is a refreshing White IPA containing only 0,3% alcohol. The beer gets the fresh taste of a mix of barley, wheat, oatmalts, a large quantity of hops and new yeast. A beer you can drink anytime.

Nog Eendje

Funky Blonde

Nog Eendje

A fruity blonde spring beer (6%) with caramel tones and fresh hops. The first spring sun invites you to drink one. And one more!


White Ale

Nog Eendje

This drinkable White Ale (4,5%) is full of wheat malt, fruity scents and tropical hopping. Low alcoholic and very refreshing: perfect for the hot days!